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Napa Vineyards & spring California Poppies, Napa Valley, California. USA
CaliforniaNapa & Sonoma Wine Country

Spring flowers and blossoms among the Napa Valley vines

Every year at this time the air smells just that bit fresher, newly unfurled leaves seem greener than you recall, the daffodils are just that bit more dazzling, their trumpets bobbing up and down in the breeze as if announcing …

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Califorinia winery in November
CaliforniaExploreNapa & Sonoma Wine Country

Golden shades of California’s Napa Valley in Fall

I am so very many miles from where I was living last November, almost 5000 miles from Lourmarin in Provence, France. Yet as I drive around the sun-drenched, autumnal vineyards of California’s Napa Valley the countryside is not so very …

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The clay tile roof by Carmel Mission, Carmel, California, USA

Carmel, California, another one of my special places!

When I wrote my first thoughts about living in Lourmarin, in Provence, France, I asked: ‘when do you know that you are somewhere special and what makes a place special?’ Of course the answer is different for all of us. …

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