Christmas is about who we are with.
Celebrating together with the traditions that have become woven into our families’ celebrations.

Do you, like me, think of the enchanted Christmases of your childhood,
pondering upon an a world wrapped in a mantle of white, bathed in candle light?

In each home, in every corner of the world, the scene is set on a different stage
the magic of another Christmas, where ever that may be.

In Northern California, as winter creeps up on us, the beaches become deserted, the delighted squeals of barefoot children chasing the waves upon the sand long gone. Along the stunning 17 Mile Drive a swollen ocean heedlessly continues its ceaseless crescendo upon the shoreline.

17 Mile Drive, California in December
The days draw in and at dusk in Carmel-by the Sea everything is dusted in a soft pink glow.
Carmel-by-the-Sea dusk in December
Napa Valley Vines, bereft of their bounty, stand in regimental rows under a winter sky heavy with expectant tears.
Napa Valley vines near St Helena, California
In the mountains of Lake Tahoe excited children have built a snowman
Snowman at Lake Tahoe, California
and a puppy becomes acquainted with soft, white, icy powder between his paws for his first Christmas.
puppy in the snow at Lake Tahoe, California
Homes everywhere are lovingly decorated, enticing Carmel doorways leave you wondering what lies inside.
Christmas entry Carmel-by-the-sea, California
Fireside hearths adorned in greenery,
Christmas fireside garland
and baked indulgences prepared, special treats we only make once a year; mince pies,
Christmas mince pies
and scrumptious, chocolate, festive deserts.
Christmas chocolate desert
Treats for a Christmas table are bought and squirreled away
Christmas chocolates
spotted amidst the gourmet abundance in San Francisco’s delightful Ferry Building.
San Francisco's Ferry Building at Christmas
Candle wreaths are made to adorn a Christmas table, preparations tying us up amongst the wrapping paper and ribbon.
Christmas candle wreath
Christmas trees are everywhere; nestled amongst poinsettia on a Carmel town street corner,
Christmas tree Carmel-by-the-sea, California
adorned with tinsle and baubles in frenzied San Francisco stores,
Christmas tree in Nordstrom San Francisco, California
each one more elaborate than the other,
Christmas tree in Neiman Marcus, San Francisco, California
dominating Union Square, sparkling majestically in the inky, night time sky.
Christmas tree in Union Square, San Francisco, California
For it is at night time when the Christmas magic captivates.
The twinkling lights on Danville’s streets,
Christmas window in Danville, California
where shop windows are reminiscent of those Christmases long ago.
Christmas window in Danville CA
Reindeers in Carmel herald in the season
Christmas reindeer Carmel-by-the-sea, California
pulling Santa in his sleigh across the roof tops with Christmas greetings,
Christmas lights Carmel-by-the-sea, Californi
which for me will always be ‘Happy Christmas’ !

No matter where you are, I hope it’s merry and bright filled with laughter and joy, surrounded by those that you love.
Happy Christmas everyone!!!

Click on the links for downloadable PDFs from Northern California, where to stay where to eat and what to see in
Carmel-by-the-Sea and Lake Tahoe