There are so many things to share with each other, thoughts and observations, things that bring us joy or make us wonder. It’s what I do each time I write this blog, sharing a perspective I have captured through my lens with all my mindful meanderings, when I was ‘there’ living the moment. Somethings will resonate with you and some will not, just as it should be; it’s what enriches life, that we are all drawn to different things! This post is perhaps not like the norm, I wasn’t even thinking of writing a blog, I was just taking a pause from work making a cup of coffee when a cheerful face caught my eye.

the tulip face from a vase of spring time flowers
I lifted it up with my finger and took a close look, it really was beautiful and seemed to be smiling contentedly up at me!
‘Just’ a tulip in a vase of spring flowers that I had passed by daily. A vase, I had been weekly replenishing with fresh blooms from the farmers market…… Nothing that special, not arranged in any magnificent way, just simple, but much loved tulips, chosen for the vibrancy and color I knew they would splash in my kitchen before they drooped and faded after about a week.
A vase of springtime tulips
In pausing to admire that cheerful tulip face it felt like it was the first time I had really looked……. looked at any of my vases of tulips. It made me smile, it made me happy, flowers are such a blessing. How lucky are we that we can see their brightness and color. Imagine a world all in black and white?
Vase of tulips - in black and white
Maybe there are ways to make the colors we can’t see stand out………..
Vase of tulips, black and white defined
How fortunate though to see things like this, as they are meant to be.
vase of springtime tulips
I stared back into that face watching the light dance and cast shadows.
Tulip face
For the first time in all those weeks of my many vases of springtime flowers, I really saw what exquisite splendor Mother Nature had created. Out of an ‘onion’ bulb had bloomed beauty, delicate petals uniquely folded across each other in a subtle merging of many shades of the same color. I looked inside its inky ‘night time’ centre and imagined all the bees who could have hummed their way busily inside, gathering nectar to create another one of Mother Nature’s miracles.
Tulip center
I stared in wonder at the vivid purple stamens richly dusted in their coat of yellow; the many textures of this springtime jewel and wondered how many of nature’s treasures we pass by daily and never really see, how much we miss. It’s a lesson to live by, never be too busy to stop and notice; the myriad of Mother Nature’s colors surrounding us, a humming bird hovering over a blossom, a robin puffing up its cherry red breast, snowflakes upon the branches, early morning bird song, the smell of woodsmoke, of fresh cut grass or ripe tomatoes, the refreshing cold of the wind upon your face, a vase of tulips, I am sure you have your favorites too. I’d love to know what they might be……………
Springtime tulip face