July 4th, the day when America celebrates her independence from Britain. Had things been handled differently, history might well have unfolded in another way, but 1776 is a long time ago, wounds have healed, differences buried, today we are each others greatest friends. And I am so fortunate to find myself living in this country, in this Golden state of California.
The brown bear of the Sierra’s and especially Tahoe, is all decked out for July 4th, proud to be the symbol of California and fly on her state flag.

4th July Californian brown bear, the symbol of California
Beautiful Lake Tahoe ,where our family has made so many precious memories in both winter and summer and spent such wonderful July 4th’s.
Lake Tahoe, California 4th July
From the vineyards of the abundant Napa Valley, only 45 minutes from where we live,
Napa Valley vineyard, California, USA
to our stunning ‘City by the Bay’, San Francisco, where we have gathered with friends and celebrated the wine harvest under the Golden Gate bridge,
Kirby Cove, Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco

to the dramatic scenery of one of our most favourite spots, Carmel.
Coastline of 17 Mile Drive, near Carmel California
And now back to our home in Danville, where we have just returned after all our wandering, so close to all these most beloved places.
Prospect Street, Danville, California USA
Today we have gathered a summer harvest from our friend’s garden,
From the garden for July 4th
ready to celebrate July 4th here at home. We will remember the celebrations of long ago….
1819 4th of July in Philadelphia

as we watch the Danville Parade
The Danville 4th July Parade
and then at home gaze in wonder at the breathtaking view of Mt Diablo from our deck.
Californian view, Mt Diablo, Danville California, USA
thinking about all the wonderful things we have done in the last 2 years and feel so happy that we are all together and home for 4th of July 2013. God Bless the U.S. of A. and Happy 4th of July!