Sonoma County, California on a late October afternoon. Rows upon rows of golden, burnt umber vines stretching along the valley and over the hillsides. Overhead, a deep, sapphire sky, kissed every so often with small puffs of cotton wool clouds. Despite much of the harvest having been gathered, the warm air is still richly perfumed with a scent reminiscent of aged, oak barrels.

Enjoying an afternoon wandering through a beautiful a winery and the idiosyncrasies of the designer gardens and retail outlets of Sonoma’s ‘Cornerstone’, where there is always something unusual to captivate and beguile!

Chateau St Jean, a delightful winery in California’s Sonoma Valley nestled at the foot of the Sugarloaf Ridge near Kenwood. Surrounded by stunning gardens, based on classic Mediterranean designs, with intimate courtyards and terraces for visitors to stroll amidst the citrus planted terracotta tubs, plants and herbs whilst sampling the Chateau’s award winning vintages or spending a leisurely afternoon enjoying a picnic.

Chateau St Jean, Sonoma Valley, California, USA
Through the archway to one of Chateau St Jean’s courtyards.

Gardens at Chateau St Jean, Sonoma Valley, California, USA
An old wagon full of planted treasures
Wagon of flowers at Chateau St Jean,Sonoma, California
Terracotta pots full of citrus, these, resplendent with mandarins
Mandarins growing at Chateau St Jean,Sonoma, California
Peeking at the vines through the pine trees
Vineyards through the pines at Sonoma
Visiting Cornerstone, Sonoma,
Cornerstone at Sonoma, California
where there are some incredible garden architectural designs. Like this chicken wire orchard sparkling with jewels!
Trees of wire and jewels, Cornerstone, Sonoma
A shining wire tree, the afternoon sun dancing off its boughs!
A wire tree at Cornerstone Sonoma, California, USA
Chairs for sale in the Artefact Design Salvage Centre
Chairs for sale at Cornerstone, Sonoma
Swinging chairs from a ferris wheel or something similar, who will buy these and how will they use them I wonder?
For sale at Cornerstone, Sonoma