Early morning on the east shore of Lake Tahoe, California; the breathtaking beautiful vista is utterly beguiling, Mother Nature at her finest. Gazing out across the lake your toes sink into the soft, silvery sand which circles the shoreline like a diamond necklace. The crystal clear water sparkles, as tiny fishes twirl their way through brightly glinting gold flecks almost winking at you as they dance with delight. A haphazard collection of smoothly worn granite boulders protrude like large sleeping turtles. On the far horizon the majestic mountain tops of the Sierras soar into the azure skies, their steep foreboding faces guarding the lake from unwanted intruders. The air, perfumed with pines is fragrant and fresh; apart from the occasional bird song the world is silent, at peace; almost as if you are at the very dawn of creation.

Under a cornflower blue sky, consuming your soul no matter where direction you gaze. Dazzlingly clear water, a wondrous, natural spectacle.
Clear waters at the The East Shore of Lake Tahoe, California
An early morning paddle boarder
Paddling boarding from the Clear waters at the The East Shore of Lake Tahoe, California
finds a companion,
Paddle Boarders on the East Shore of Lake Tahoe, California
who earlier had paddle boarded with her best friend!
Paddle boarding with your best friend from the East Shore of Lake Tahoe, California
Someone cooks a mouth watering breakfast on the beach,
Cooking breakfast on the beach at Lake Tahoe
all is as it should be, beauty and peace at Lake Tahoe California with friends you love……….
Beautiful East Shore of Lake Tahoe, California

Download the Lake Tahoe, California Travel Guide PDF here- my suggestions for where to stay dine and play!