There was a reason that I called my ramblings ‘Shutters and Sunflowers’. On a morning amble around the Saturday market in nearby Apt, that reason resonated from every building in sight. It seemed that the architecture everywhere was adorned with splendid wooden shutters. Whether flung back or tightly fastened and in varying states of repair. Painted in a variety of soft shades carefully chosen from a Provencal palette, shutters rested at every visible window. Shutters, which somehow define a French property and especially a French property in Provence.

Provencal street with shuttered buidlingsShuttered buildings in AptBelow one of them was a hint of Spring in a local Florist’s shop.
Florist in Apt, Luberon, Provence, FranceSurprisingly not all beautiful Provencal buildings need shutters to look stunning and make you want to discover what secrets are held behind their walls.

Beautiful property in Provence without shutters

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