Welcome to the new Shutters and Sunflowers website! It should now be easier to retrieve information to help you with your own travel plans. Posts have been re-categorized to make this more simple; if you hover over the menu bar, drop downs will appear to direct you more quickly to what you might be searching for.
Shutters and Sunflowers Travel GuidesThe Shutters and Sunflowers Travel Guides can be found on the menu bar at the top of the page and are also listed half way down the Home Page. Currently there are four: Lourmarin and Uzes in Provence, Lake Tahoe and Carmel in California but there are more coming soon. Each one contains information about accommodation, restaurants and sightseeing and has as an easily downloadable PDF version for you to print and take with you on your travels.

As promised it should be much easier to post a comment on Writing a comment on Shutters and SunflowersShutters and Sunflowers, just type in the box at the end of the post. Unfortunately there has been no way to preserve all the previous comments you have made, the technology isn’t clever enough so get commenting and tell me what you think, you know I love to hear from you!
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