Two years ago I looked at this deserted property, nowLa Bégude Saint-Pierre, just 6km, from Uzès and wondered ‘what if”? What if I bought this, risked some capital and created a tiny ‘jewel box’ hotel. My head spun as a deluge of questions began twisting through my mind, like a small spider weaving an intricate web. How much would it cost to purchase, how much to renovate? Where would I find the builders and ensuing team of artisans; plumbers, carpenters, electricians and who knows who else?

La begude saint pierre before renovation

I leaped ahead contemplating interior choices, bathrooms, furniture, soft furnishings,

French bedside cupboard

the fixtures,

French cupboard lock

the towels, the lights, the window treatments, pictures and rugs.

An entire array of accessories, not necessary but thoughtfully placed to create ambience, to make guests feel special.Mental shopping lists formed in my brain as I envisaged the colors of ‘cafe au lait’, in my newly decorated, warm and inviting haven.

I saw my guests arriving, indulging them with f
resh flowers, chocolates and carefully selected Provencal toiletries, scented with the fragrances of the region, lavender, honey, almonds and citrus.

I thought of all the tiny ways that I would the make experience of staying here unforgettable, not lavish or extravagant but discrete and thoughtful where guests left yearning to return.

On a bitterly cold February afternoon, the mistral tearing at my clothes with unseen fingers of ice, I stood and stared and imagined it all, the entire sprinkling of my own magic dust everywhere.

That was ‘then’ and this is ‘now’ and whilst I contemplated ‘what if” someone put those two words, ‘what’ and ‘if’ together and made it happen. They created the charming La Bégude Saint-Pierre, oozing with that same ambience I had foreseen, and made their very own little piece of hotel, Uzes

Entrance at la-Begude-Saint-Pierre hotel, Uzes

Courtyard atla-Begude-Saint-Pierre hotel, Uzes

Located almost under the shadows of the ancient golden arches of the Pont du Gard, the mighty Roman Aqueduct a mere 20 minute walk away.

Only a 10 minute drive, through olive groves and vineyards to the delightful medieval duchy d’Uzès.

Not quite as I had might have fashioned, but still elegant and understated. Stone walls newly exposed,
soft white furnishings, subtle lighting and draped natural linens, some carefully selected from collections at the local markets. A gentle place where loungers by the glistening pool beckoned to be used,
Dusk at la-begude-saint-pierre hotel, Uzes Languedoc Rousillon, France

where service was discreet but always there, where the food was delicious,

Wine at dusk when dining at la-begude-saint-pierre hotel, Uzes Languedoc Rousillon, France

and the ambience perfect

Evening at la-begude-saint-pierre hotel, Uzes, Languedoc Rousillon, France

and yes a place I cannot wait to return to!

La Bégude Saint-Pierre, where to stay near Uzes, Languedoc Roussillon, France

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