One of the delightful benefits of writing a blog is that I have got to know some interesting people from all round the world like Zennat Arsiwalla. Zeenat is a design professional who writes about design & style for the home. Like myself Zennat lives near San Francisco and shares my passion for Provence. She actually knows my little village of Lourmarin very well and recently shared one of Shutters and Sunflower’s posts about Provence. Do check out her blog in which she shares ideas, tips & inspiration for people who want to live beautifully. Here are some of her local insights about beautiful finds in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Zennat told me:

I’m drawn to places that create a sense of immersive beauty. Places that make you feel beautiful when you’re there. When I travel, I always like to seek out unique spots in addition to the usual touristy recommendations. Why not take a moment to design one or two of your own special experiences? Each city has those special cafes and shops where it feels like wonderland when you’re there and you want to just linger and stay a little longer (I catch myself doing this a lot!).

La Panotiq, San Francisco

I thought it’d be fun to share three of my favorites that are closer to home. These are little jewels where once you walk in, it’s really hard to leave. If you enjoy beautiful spaces, exploration, tasteful things and curiosities, I’m sure you’ll have a ball visiting them, whether you’re a local or a visitor!


I  loooooove St Frank. I discovered them a few months ago and now I’m obsessed Batik cushions, Turkish suzanis, Mexican blue and white otomi tablecloths, coffee table books on travel & culture, a lovely chinoiserie vase, fabric trays  – it’s filled with beautiful artisan goods!

St Frank, design shop San Francisco

I know eclectic is an overused term, but St. Frank really is an eclectic mix of fabulous things. On my first visit, one of the ladies pointed me to a coffee table book, “Nomad Deluxe” that had the most stunning pictures from all over the world.  I was enthralled by this rich, wood daybed that was so inviting, and by their collection of fabrics and cushions.  You  never know what you’ll stumble upon and what fantastic discovery you’re going to make. A San Francisco jewel.

Items St Frank, design shop San Francisco



A dear friend introduced me to La Panotiq, a charming, peaceful cafe on a charming, tree-lined street.La Panotiq Cafe San Francisco

Perfect for an afternoon snack. We sat there for an hour chatting and enjoying our coffee and pastries (the almond croissant was an absolute delight!)La Panotiq pastries, San Francisco

The cafe has this interesting California meets Paris vibe to it. For instance, there were traditional French accent chairs and a long, rustic table, paired with succulent centerpieces. I quite loved the mix!


What’s not to love when you’ve got fresh flowers, coffee & beautiful things in one place?  The Flower Boy Project is a flower shop x cafe x gift shop created and curated by LA-based designer Sean Knibbs. The Flower Boy project, Los Angeles

In this LA Time’s article he describes his unique design philosophy around creating it – it’s a “cross-pollination of retail and hospitality”.  They have a breath-taking selection of flowers. Allium, hydrangeas, calla lilies and more…just the prettiest.Flowers at the Flower Boy project, Los Angeles

And they do everything from teacup arrangement to bedside bouquets.  It’s such a delight to find a place that cares about aesthetic in every aspect, from the ambiance, to the layout and decor, to the drinks!  Their floral lattes (Lavendar Boy & Rose Girl, topped with petal bits) are beyond beautiful. Have a look.

Displays at the Flower Boy project, Los Angeles

I hope you enjoyed that round up!  And I hope you check out these spots when you’re in either of these cities!

I will look forward to sharing more of Zennat’s treasures posts, you can read here fabulous blog here 

If you are visiting San Francisco and would like some tips for where to stay, what to see and where to eat, download my San Francisco Travel Guide PDF here, happy travels!