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The Laphroaig Distillery, Islay Scotland

Creating a legend; single malt whisky from Laphroaig

Laphroiag single malt whisky has been described in many ways by those who enjoy its sensuous, peaty flavour. ‘A dank tench of seaweed peat and salt, with a light haze of freshly mown hay, unmistakable’ ‘Imagine liquefying the best campfire of …

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The Laphroaig Distillery, Islay, Scotland

‘The Water to Whisky Experience’~Laphroaig whisky tour, Islay

“Imagine liquifying the best campfire of the summer and bottling it as pure happiness.” “A dram in your hand, sand between your toes, the world at your feet, embrace the passion, love life”  This and much more has been said about …

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Island of Islay, Scotland

The Scottish Island of Islay

Nestled within small inlets along the mystical, low lying coastline of the small Scottish island of Islay, whose rhythm is dominated by the seasons and the sea, are a collection of single malt whisky distilleries. Each one producing their own unique, …

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Entrance to the Golden Gate San Francisco
CaliforniaExploreSan Francisco

Northern California, a beautiful place to live

Sunflowers, lavender, rolling vineyards, breathtaking scenery, and fascinating historical cities are just some of the things I love about Provence.  And for as much as I yearn to be there, I need to remind myself what I have much on …

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Mission San Jose, San Antonio, Texas
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Travel tips for a visit to San Antonio, Texas! Visit The Alamo, The Missions, King William District, The River Walk and The Pearl!

Why visit San Antonio, Texas? Nestled along its meandering tree lined River Walk, packed with restaurants and history San Antonio, Texas exudes a special charm. San Antonio has the largest concentration of Spanish Colonial architecture in North America, discover the influences …

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Entrance to Changi Museum and Chapel, Singapore

The Changi Gaol, Singapore, a World War II horror

War; always tragic and horrific. Creating desolation, carnage and destruction. Causing immense suffering, misery and loss, destroying and changing lives forever. Singapore during World War II was thought to be an impregnable fortress. When it fell to Japan on February …

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Dubai, the western city in the desert

Dubai, a large, vibrant, metropolis with ribbons of traffic clogging the roads in every direction. Palm trees and mosques, peppered in amongst the towering skyscrapers. Opulent shopping malls complete with indoor aquariums, ice rinks, ski runs and luxury hotels. Throughout …

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The Blue Mosque, Istanbul. Turkey

The magical city of Istanbul

Istanbul, mystical and wondrous, nestled on the Bosphorus in the very centre of the world. A vibrant, exciting city where the cultures of East and West, Asia and Europe, literally collide. Wander its narrow, cobbled streets and let the treasures …

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Plaza de Oriente architecture, Madrid, Spain

A snap shot of Madrid, a Spanish jewel

Madrid, an alive and beguiling city, exciting and passionate. A city of artists, beloved of Goya, Velázquez, Picasso, Dalí and Miró whose work adorns the magnificent walls of the Museo del Prado, Centro de Arte Reina Sofía and Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza. …

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Magnesia, the Roman Stadium near Selcuk Turkey

Amongst the fig and olive trees, Magnesia and Priene, Turkey

We veered the car off the main road to find ourselves bumping slowly along a dusty, track leading to seemingly nowhere. Either side of us were an abundance of fig trees, their branches hung low, heavy with what looked like …

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