Rosie, the proud, English Springer Spaniel Mummy, takes a well deserved nap, a short break from caring from her eight little ‘bundles of joy’.
The vet says she is an exemplary mother, looking after her puppies beautifully!

Rosie, the proud Springer Spaniel Mummy!
Visiting her little family, we bumped along an English country lane in Surrey, flanked each side by fresh, green, leafy boughs.
Driveway in the Surrey Woodlands, England, where Rosie is staying
Skipper, the proud father!!!
Skipper the puppies Daddy
Eight little puppies snuggled up tight!
Rosie's Springer Spaniel puppies in England
Soon to be romping in an English country garden. It really is breathtakingly ‘pretty’. There are many strikingly beautiful places in the world but England is quite simply ‘pretty’ and I love it so much!
From an English garden into the fields beyond
Rosie feeding her young brood in the garden.
Rosie's puppies in the garden
Distant fields beckon beyond that garden gate,
Rosie's 'garden' and the countryside beyond
and I don’t think it will be too long before these two little chaps will be bounding through the foliage.

4 week old puppies, could there be anything more adorable!!!?