Is there anything more profoundly English than afternoon tea? Served only on fine, English, bone china, mine being Paragon’s Victoriana Rose, given to me on my Wedding day by a much beloved Aunt. Freshly baked scones with homemade preserves, lemon drizzle cake and dainty cucumber sandwiches. The ‘dainty’ was a little challenging to achieve in California with no thin Hovis bread, we improvised with European bread served ‘open face’! If you are wondering what ‘Hovis’ is, do click this link and watch this iconic 1973 English TV commercial which became one of the most beloved commercials of all time, back when I was a young girl!!!

Cucumber bites for an English afternoon tea!

Tea was served promptly at 4pm to celebrate the special young lady’s College graduation, at her express request!!
Orange and Currant scones or plain scones for the delicious raspberry jam I had bought in Yorkshire on my last trip home!

scones for an English afternoon tea!

Lemon drizzle cake, such a reliable, good natured recipe that lasts the week as a wonderful accompaniment for each subsequent cup of afternoon tea!

Lemon drizzle cake for an English afternoon tea!

There were only 4 of us and rather too much food! 2 dear friends with Grandma and the lovely young lady just graduating from college, sipping our tea and discussing the weather and the most recent Jane Austin novels we had all read! How delightful to be English albeit far from home!!!

An English afternoon tea

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