As you read this just after Christmas, I hope you have been sprinkled with the magic and wonder of the season, surrounded by those you love and the joy of giving and receiving. People all across the globe, have celebrated this wonderful day, blending the traditions of their families, handed down to them through the generations. We gathered together in our Californian home, to enjoy a very English Christmas, with roast turkey, Christmas pudding, mince pies and Christmas crackers. Living in San Francisco, one of the world’s most beautiful cities, I thought I would share some of the sights of the season from this beloved destination.

The Ferry Building

San Francisco’s Ferry Building, shown above, was opened in 1898 as the main arrival point for anyone arriving by train from the East, it is now a wonderful, gourmet food market. Never more enticing, strolling its lofty arches, than at Christmas!

Inside the San Francisco Ferry Building

A handcrafted bakery
Bakery at the Ferry Building, San Francisco
A wine shop, paying tribute to vintages from across the globe!
Wine shop at the Ferry Building, San Francisco
A Florist and grocery store.
Florist and grocery store at the Ferry Building, San Francisco

California Street

A short walk from the Ferry Building, along Market Street, takes you to California Street, down which one of the city’s famous cable cars (click here for a YOU-tube descent!)descends.
Cable cars on California Street, San Francisco
Passing the uniquely styled San Francisco properties.
San Francisco's unique properties

Grace Cathedral

The majestic Grace Cathedral dominates the square at the top of California Street,
Grace Cathedral, San Francisco
beautifully adorned for Christmas,
Advent candle in Grace Cathedra
its Christmas tree swathed in messages of peace.
Christmas tree in Grace Cathedra

The Pacific Ocean

By the Pacific Ocean in San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge just visible in the distance!
The By the Pacific Ocean in San Francisco
Overlooking the rugged cliffs and its coastal walks.
By the The cliffs by the Pacific Ocean in San Francisco

The Bay Bridge

Where the blue skies and palm trees make it still look like summer.
The Bay Bridge in San Francisco

Close by, the fire department is decked out for Christmas!
The San Francisco Fire Department
Union Square

As dusk envelopes the city, the twinkling lights and Christmas trees of Union Square remind us of the season.
Union Square, San Francisco
The stunning tree inside Neiman Marcus
Neiman Marcus Christmas tree in Union Square, San Francisco
and finally Christmas wishes from this enchanting, native bird of California, the humming bird, whom I captured hovering by the ocean singing to you all, wherever you may be, “Merry Christmas, peace, health, prosperity and God bless us everyone!”Californian humming bird

Download the San Francisco Travel Guide  here, suggestions for where to stay, where to eat and what not to miss!