Returning to a place that holds a treasured place in your heart is a bit like re-reading a well loved book. Even though you know what to expect, you can’t quite believe that it’s all just as you remembered it. Comfortingly unchanged, with the same power to draw you in although you still find yourself discovering things that you missed before. Last week I was back in Uzes, the enchanting bastide town just outside the far west corner of Provence, in Languedoc Roussillon. Special to me because it had been my home for 6 months and special to all who visit because of its magical ambience which quickly captivates all who become acquainted with this delightful town. Like turning the pages of a book, as I wandered through its well remembered cobbled streets, those carefully stored images were suddenly there before me, so many of the things that often spring to mind when one thinks of southern France.


Streets full of shutters painted from a pallet of soft Provencal hues
Shuttered buildings in Uzes, Languedoc Roussillon, France

Shuttered windows fastened back allowing the late September sunshine to pour in
Open Provencal shutters in Uzes, Languedoc Roussillon

Golden limestone buildings along meandering cobbled streets

Cobbled streets of Uzes
along which you will find too many boulangeries to count!
Boulangeries in Uzes

 Provencal Markets

Markets in Provence, France
Offering an abundance of fresh local produce;
Fresh produce in the Uzes market
Olives in the Uzes market
Baskets in the Uzes market
Tablecloths in the Uzes market
and of course bunches of this summer’s recently gathered lavender
lavender in the Uzes market


Assorted treasures filling the market place, Place-aux-Herbes, on a Sunday morning
Brocante in Place aux Herbes,Uzes, France

Charming shops displays

enticing you in to explore further!
Provencal table and chairs
Provencal shop decor in Uzes outside a shop

Provencal shop decor outside a shop
And as you are about to leave the defining French automobile, the 2CV, whizzes passed.
2CV on a street in Uzes, Languedoc Roussillon, France
With one more lap of the town I glance back over my shoulder and wonder when I will next return to this beguiling place?
Driving through Uzes, Languedoc Roussillon, France
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