There is a line in a wonderful story I love, Rebecca, by Daphne du Maurier:‘Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again’. People often dream about places which caused their emotions to become heightened, sometimes it’s not a good thing and sometimes it’s quite wonderful……

A few nights ago I dreamt of what I cannot say but that morning, I had that warm, luxurious feeling
of waking up and remembering that this was going to be a special day, that I was going somewhere Last night I dreamt, I was going to Lourmarinspecial. True it was my birthday and for the first time in several months I was waking up at home, in England. But surprisingly neither of those things were what had my pulse racing, I was going on a journey, yes, yet another plane ride…..

So after 2 days in what has got to be the city of all city’s, New York, where there is so much happening why was I so happy to be going somewhere so stratospherically different where quite honestly not that much is happening! Enduring two flights, half a night of snatched sleep, time changes and unpacked and repacked suitcases I was still excited. Thrilled to be going somewhere with comparatively scant dining and retail choices, just a handful of ‘sites’, albeit beautiful……..

Lourmarin Chateau and church at first light, Lourmarin, Luberon, Provence, France

A place with difficult parking and if I’m honest quite a few inconveniences, well compared to where I’f just been. So one has to wonder, why exactly do I love this certain somewhere so much?

I was going to a place that makes me truly happy for after all isn’t that’s what’s really important, to be able to do the things which truly fill your heart with joy?

You’ve probably guessed already and I don’t need to expound upon the cobblestones, all quite wet and slippery, the shutters, mostly closed,

Architecture in Lourmarin, Luberon, Provence

or even the sunflowers, wrong time of year; and I’ve told you about those many times before.

What I will I tell you however is that for such a tiny place Lourmarin has a surprising number of real estate agents and I had an appointment with one of them!

Early morning view of Lourmarin village, Luberon, Provence, France

I’ll tell you more next time….. à bientôt!

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