I think that French is the prettiest of languages and I would so love to speak it better! Years of tedious French lessons at school, pouring over verbs and tenses, the sub-conjunctive this and past participle that, were all quite hopeless. All I’ve ever wanted to do is be able to converse; to speak and be understood, to listen and understand, wouldn’t that be fantastic or should I say frantastique!

Frantastique, online learning to speak French

Frantastique  ~ the name of the solution! An online teaching method I discovered last year, thanks to my blogging friends at Perfectly Provence and Curious Provence. After 6 months I love it so much that I am recommending it on my blog for all of you to try too.

Every day frantastique sends me an email with a lesson personalised to my ability level. It revises things I don’t know and helps remind me of those that I do. If I make a mistake (and sadly I make many) it provides a simple explanation, in English if you want and then further reinforcement exercises to help you better understand.

There is a clever mix of reading, oral and aural exercises taught by a whimsical, slightly silly group of alien characters led by Victor Hugo himself!Speaking French with frantastique

Frantastique allows you to cancel lessons for a few days if you are going to be away or are too busy. It also creates a detailed progress report to help you keep track of how you are doing.

So can I now ‘parler en francais’? Well although far from perfect I AM making progress and with the encouragement of my lovely friends in Lourmarin who insist ‘Mais bien sûr que tu parles bien en français!’ I am determined with my lessons and improve.

You can try it here for 7 days and see what you think. There is no obligation and its free!  I’d love to know how you get on and maybe we can converse ‘en français’! 

Click on the link and voila, soon your French will be frantastique!