What is it about the clocks changing that seem to totally change the atmosphere around twilight? Almost as if a touch of Christmas magic and anticipation has been sprinkled like fairy dust. Strolling around Lourmarin last night at dusk, the smell of wood fires pervading the air, people casually wandering around the tiny boutiques, clutching enticingly wrapped packages one could have been forgiven for thinking it was mid December, not early November.

I was surprised that our Provencal village was so bustling at 6.30pm. Café and Bustling Lourmarin streets at dusk, in early November, Provence, Francerestaurant doors were flung open, slowly weeping, fat candles, encased in their glass hurricanes, burned invitingly on outside tables set for dinner. Cafes set for dinner at dusk, in early November, Lourmarin, Luberon, Provence, FranceDespite the brisk, colder than average temperatures, well wrapped up diners sat outside sipping their pre-dinner drinks. It was tempting to stop and join them.
I always love this time of year, when I indulge in a wintery fantasy of log fires, warming soups and casseroles. Inviting restaurant at dusk, in early November, Lourmarin, Provence, FranceCandlelight suppers with friends, flower arrangements of burnt cinnamon, orange and magenta, plump, rounded pumpkins and oversized chrysanthemum’s, bursting with the very essence of autumn…..not normally my favourite colours or plants but truly perfect for the season. Crisp mornings when you create your own foggy clouds of breath and your walks take you crunching through a carpet of leaves. The thrill of Halloween, Bonfire night and Thanksgiving, depending where you are located!
Over riding all of this is the promise of Christmas. Still far enough away to have notInviting boutiques at dusk, in early November, Lourmarin, Provence, France evolved into the frenzied chaos it can become. The special wonder of this time of
year, high expectations that this year will be even more special than the year  before. Wonderful family gatherings where no-one becomes cross or grumpy, luxurious celebrations with friends where I twirl around
in a divine cocktail dress as a totally unfazed hostess, everything baked and prepared well ahead of schedule!  Indulging myself in my own dreams, perfumes of pine and cedar, stirring Christmas puddings, baking festive goodies…….. all beautifully wrapped in gorgeous ribbons and love.
P.S. 53 days and counting!

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