This quaint little bay at Carry le Rouet is full of tempting restaurants and it is a delicious spot for moules frites or steaming, hot soupe de poisson with a crisp vin rosé.
Excellent for easing a sad heart when you have just dropped off those you love at Marseilles airport, just a mere 10 minutes drive away.
Once you are comfortably settled sipping your wine, admiring the view of the quaint petit port, airports and the pressures of life.

The harbor at Carry le Rouet near Marseilles, Provence, Francegently melt away. The ambience is so reminiscent of blissful, childhood holidays spent in France. Chattering, exclaiming, french voices, the aroma of garlic wafting from the kitchens mixing with that unique oily, fishy smell you always find by a harbor. Grubby loos, grubby lots of things actually, but nothing grubby enough to spoil the mood or the lunch.
It is always incredible to me that wherever in the world you are that harbors are always resplendent with boats. Why this should surprise me, when that’s actually the purpose of a harbor to moor boats, I am not sure. After all going into a carpark I am never surprised to see cars ……I guess it’s because not everyone has a boat and yet all over the globe there are harbors full of them, some pretty swanky ones too!
You can work the excesses off afterwards with a brisk 6 mile walk around the coast line, or even a 20 minute stroll will blow the cobwebs away……..Crystal clear water along the coastline walk from Carry le Rouet, Provence
As you look across the surprisingly clear Mediterranean water towards old Marseille you can almost see the old galleons navigating the initimidating shoreline of the island of Chateau d’IfAlexandre Dumas’ gripping tail of the Count of Monte Cristo springs to mind and the movie with Jim Caviezel…..always a pleasant thought!!!!!Coastline walk Carry le Rouet, near Marseilles, Provence, France
Definitely a place to return to next time we collect visitors arriving on the mid morning flight from England.

and the surrounding area of The Luberon, Provence here, do let me know your recommendations !