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Dreaming of Christmas
Stories of Life

Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas yet to come

December is here. Despite the unprecedented challenges of the year the seasons have changed regardless. The skies of California are still cornflower blue, especially in the Tahoe mountains where we’re living for a few months, but winter has arrived. There’s …

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The Cologne Christmas market in Germany

The Cologne Christmas Market

It’s Christmas Eve, Christmas is so close you can almost touch it. Homes everywhere are bedecked with Christmas finery, refrigerators bulge with Christmas indulgence, for most of us the shopping’s been done and the presents wrapped. Where did you shop …

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Noel wreath, the magic of Christmas
Stories of Life

The magic of Christmas…

Do you remember being a small child and the wonder and magic of Christmas? The excitement and anticipation and most of all the magic; Father Christmas and reindeer landing on snow covered roof tops, woodland creatures creating their own celebrations, …

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A Christmas story
Stories of Life

A Christmas story ~ wonder and magic

The Christmas story continues: The little girl turned away from the Christmas tree, leaving her sister to introduce herself to the much wanted dolly and bumped into her father as he finally made it down the stairs. Noticing her serious, …

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Christmas pudding traditions
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Travel France Online ~ My Christmas Pudding

Travel France Online has just published Shutters and Sunflowers’ article about Christmas Puddings as part of a wonderful collection of Christmas wishes from all over France put together by Diane de la Guillermie, this fabulous website’s founder. For me, as a child, just as it …

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Christmas table
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Christmas Eve ~ when I was a child

The time next week it will be Christmas Eve, the night before Christmas, probably the most magical night of the year. One when children everywhere (big ‘children’ too) really want to ‘believe’. Excited, eager, little faces press their noses to …

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BritainStories of Life

Christmas cooking preparing for Christmas!

As a child, just as it is now and probably has been for several generations, the days before Christmas were always busy, collecting greenery to decorate the house, finding the tree, buying and wrapping presents, writing cards, standing in endless lines …

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Christmas Traditions in England, mince pies
BritainStories of Life

An English family’s Christmas traditions

I grew up in a family with an abundance of Christmas traditions, many from my incredible grandmother, my father’s mother, who, despite having twelve children never set a table without a fresh flower and who could make the simplest of …

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