Easter is only a few weeks away and Uzès is getting ready.
Previously closed shops and restaurants, are re opening.
The cobbled streets below the magnificent, golden arches surrounding Place aux Herbes,
its stunning central square and market place, are being washed and swept.
New leaves are gently uncurling, to form their natural canopy of shade across the square.
Everywhere is bursting into life ready for an influx of excited Easter visitors,
thrilled to be escaping for a few days,
to explore and discover this delightful little bastide town,
maybe you are going to be one of them?

People who visit Uzès always return. 
45km west of Avignon, just outside of Provence in Languedoc Roussillon,
dating back to the Romans, 
it remains the home of the first duchy of France, the direct lineage to the Royal family. 
Visitors come back to wander its cobbled streets, to admire its gently worn, shuttered buildings, 
Cobbled streets and shutters of Uzès,
to explore the Ducal Castle, the Cathédrale Saint-Théodorit d’Uzès and fascinating Fenestrelle tower
and finally sit under one of the golden arches fringing its delightful central square,
Home to weekly markets, festivals and local artisanal events,
shaded by the broad leaves of long ago established sycamore trees,
one could sit for hours listening to the soft splutters of the fountain,
sipping something delicious from one of the array of enticing restaurants,
listening to the local chattering bustle
becoming immersed in the unique, beguiling atmosphere.
The fountain in Place aux herbes, Uzes, Languedoc Roussillon, France
Experience Uzès for yourself, discover its secrets;
the medieval garden, its chateau,
the nearby UNESCO, Roman aqueduct Pont du Gard.
The many shops and restaurants, its warmth and vibrancy.
And its heart, Place-aux-Herbes.

You’ll leave feeling as if you have lived one hour, one day, one moment, back in time………..

Download The Uzès, Travel Guide for Uzès and the surrounding regions of Languedoc Roussillon and Provence.