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A ‘Viva Las Vegas’ Wedding!!

Las Vegas, decadent or opulent, a place to get rich or get broke, a dining extravaganza or a buffet nightmare, tacky or incredible, exciting or depressing, architecturally stunning……all of the above or none! Love it or hate, it’s totally ‘over the …

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Los Angeles ~The Griffith Observatory and Hollywood Sign

The incredible Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, occupying a prominent hillside site, close to the infamous ‘HOLLYWOOD’ sign, was my new Los Angeles discovery. It proves that there is always something new to learn about a city, no matter how …

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Tomatoes grown in California’s Central Valley

  Driving south down California’s Interstate ‘5’, from San Francisco to Los Angeles, any time between mid July to mid September, you cannot fail to notice the caravan of northbound trucks hauling tomatoes in huge, white, open pallets. Where are …

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July 4th 2013!
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America celebrates Independence Day

July 4th, the day when America celebrates her independence from Britain. Had things been handled differently, history might well have unfolded in another way, but 1776 is a long time ago, wounds have healed, differences buried, today we are each …

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