I love to entertain, it makes me happy and gives me such pleasure; preparing delicious food, choosing interesting wine, filling my house with flowers, setting a pretty table and creating an ambience with music, soft lighting and twinkling candles. I read many blogs about entertaining and decorating which are full of inspiring ideas, so am thrilled to share with you the beauty and creativity of a truly wonderful party I was invited to last weekend. It was my first ever bridal shower and what made it particularly special was that it was for my daughter, about to be married in June! As you will see from the photos it was magical, in an enchanted setting and overflowing with exquisitely arranged flowers, scrumptious food but more than anything the love of dear friends.

The ambience was set before we had even crossed the threshold with the lovingly made bridal wreath waiting for us on the front door.

Bridal shower, wedding wreath

Outside it looked as if someone had sprinkled fairy dust in this charming garden setting for a princess about to become a bride, my little girl. The day could not have been more perfect, even the trees in the garden had been showered with the soft pinks of the bride’s favourite colour!
spring blossoms at a Californian bridal shower
At was if these delicate blossoms had been kissed with the same soft hues of the beautiful table.

bridal shower table in a Californian garden           

A table filled with lovingly arranged bridal bouquets.

bridal bouquets at a Californian bridal shower

Champagne enthused with hibiscus flowers was poured.

Hibiscus enthused champagne at a Californian bridal shower

As I glanced around this delightful garden, a melody of laughter and love filled the air, everyone caught up in the joy of the celebration.

garden at a Californina bridal shower

A table overflowing with gifts was waiting for later.

A table of gifts at a Californian bridal shower

Beautifully prepared food was laid out to be served.

A bridal shower lunch about to be served

Quite perfectly tempting

A cheese board at a Californian bridal shower

and scrumptiously delicious!

Kale, beet & carrot salad at a Californian bridal shower

The bride was asked to take her seat,

The bride to be at her shower

and luncheon was served…..