I am still here! As many of you know, life is a little busy with my daughter’s wedding just a month away! Undoubtedly the most exciting and biggest event I have planned. I love all the anticipation, organization and creativity; in some ways it’s the best part, like preparing for Christmas. Pinterest and I have become very well acquainted, so many ideas to tempt and inspire, so much to think about. And all of this at such a beautiful time of year, when each morning the air is full of bird song, everything smells fresh, newly unfurled leaves have brushed the trees and plants in soft green flowers and an aura of fresh expectancy lingers throughout the day.

There was an initial heady, engagement excitement toasting the newly betrothed.
Wedding engagement celebrations
Then we began our planning. The first priority was to decide where was this special occasion going to occur. When so many dear friends and family said they would travel thousands of miles to celebrate with us we felt our beautiful city was the perfect choice.
San Francisco Cable Car
The stunning Grace Cathedral was the most meaningful place to make those eternal promises.
Grace Cathedral, San Francisco
A serene, Holy place, home of the Episcopal Church (aligned with the Church of England) and where the United Nations was formed. Its traditional style of stone columns and choir stalls so reminiscent of home, radiates love and peace, a perfect place for two young people, their hearts entwined to become one for eternity.
Altar at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco
And just opposite, a fantastic venue to then celebrate together, a National Historic Monument ~ The Fairmont Hotel!
The Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco
We became frequent visitors discussing all the options!
The Parked outside the Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco
Next there were decisions about THE dress
Wedding dress shopping in San Francisco
Choosing wedding dresses
How wonderful that Grandma was with staying with us during those weeks, helping us with so many details, the veil and head dress, the shoes and jewelry. What type of bridal car, who would help us create lasting memories with photographs and video? And of course music, a very important decision both for the ceremony and the reception and finding the right person to arrange the flowers!
Flowers for the Wedding
Then there was the guest list to decide upon, the invitations, once chosen to be written and sent.
Food and wine to sample and select.
Food for the Wedding
Soon presents began to pile up at the front door.
Wedding presents arriving
Heavenly Bridal Showers were arranged with loving kindness and care.
Bridal Shower
and thoughtful gifts given to the Bride
Gifts to keep the bride calm
and her Mother to keep them calm!

Now we are just under a month away, the hard work has all been completed, and we wonder how all the years have slipped by,
Kate Amy a bridesmaid
but wait with mounting excitement for the special day to come, the day our precious little girl gets married……………………