As I walked for just over an hour, in the mid-afternoon, I watched in silent amazement as the fog silently rolled in from the sea, totally transforming everything, as if some giant clock had suddenly whizzed the months forward from May to November. The cornflower blue sky was gradually consumed in a thick, opaque blanket.

Coastal fog beginning to consume the Carmel coatline

A white veil slowly swept in, as if a painter in the sky was having second thoughts, wiping away his original colour choices…….

Fog rolling into Carmel Beach, Carmel, California

As I turned each corner of the path, which hugged the coastline, the misty, shroud sank lower. Staring in wonder through the cypress trees, thin ribbons of the azure sky were still visible

Fog rolling in, through the Cyprees trees onto Carmel Beach, Carmel, California, USA

However, like an over enthusiastic kettle consuming everything with steam, the fog sunk lower and lower. Eventually everything was a milky murky blurr, yet barely 20 minutes had passed…………..

Fog settled on Carmel Beach

The stunning Carmel coastal properties still clung to the headland as dramatic as ever, unfazed by this rapid micro-climate change; they had witnessed it so often before.

1960's coastal architecture, in the coastal fog, Carmel, California, USA

The rocky outcrops, beaches and coves maintained their beauty, despite their new backdrop of white.

Fog at River Beach, Carmel, California

As I returned to where I had started, summer, blue skies and sunshine had not disappeared after all, it lay there waiting for me to drive back to, merely a few miles away!

The Fog break, looking back to Carmel Valley, Carmel, California

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