On Tuesday evening I fly to London…. Despite being fortunate enough to be able to make the journey a few times a year, each trip I make is still very special, if not somewhat unbelievable. It alway feels surreal and I am tempted to announce to people at the store or the bank or wherever I might be as I rush round attending to last minute details, “I’m flying to England in a few hours!” Maybe they wouldn’t even care but I think it’s terribly exciting, miraculous that you can sit in a piece of metal which somehow lifts into the sky and transports you to another world, and for me another life. It’s such a comforting feeling landing at London Heathrow, back where I come from, home. As much as I love my life in California, I am so grateful that I can visit England as much as I do. As soon as I step off the plane, breathing in that slightly chilly, kerosene perfumed air, it’s as if I am being wrapped in a warm, welcoming embrace to be seamlessly absorbed back into my ‘other life’, my life in England……. Everything is all so wonderfully familiar, from grumpy airport staff, to English car number plates, the road signs, the somewhat greyer skies and all the special people in my life that I spend so much time separated from but who always allow me to slip back as if I had never left, thank you to you all, what adventures will we share together this time?
Arriving one more time at San Francisco International Airport
San Francisco International Airport, departures
to check in on my favourite airline, Virgin Atlantic.
Virgin Atlantic check in desk at SFO International Airport
Looking around the airport lounge it is incredulous that all these people had the same idea, to book a flight on the same plane as me to fly to London! Somehow it bonds you together even though usually you never talk to any of them or have any clue as to who they are. You share the skies with strangers for 10 or 11 hours, recognize some of them as you all wearily wait at the carousel for your luggage and then you go your separate ways.

I am excited that on this trip I will be seeing all my family, including cousins, Aunts and Uncles I haven’t seen for a few years as we celebrate my mother’s milestone 80th birthday, which we just celebrated here whilst she was staying, she’s quite the jet setter for 80!!
Celebrating Jean Amy Fry's 80th birthday in Danville California
I have a trip to London planned,
Regents Street, London England at Christmas
the theatre booked and a Charles Dickens, guided walking tour,
Charles Dickens guided tour of London, England
which starts in fabulous Borough Market.
Borough Market, London, England
There will be pub meals, sat by the glow of a log fireside, catching up with dear friends.
An English Pub, The Wellington Arms near Baughurst, Hampshire
Hopefully a visit to Blenheim Palace,
Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, England, birth place of Sir Winston Churchill
which at this time of year will be decked out in its Christmas finery!
Blenheim Palace decorated for Christmas at Woodstock, England, birth place of Sir Winston Churchill
Walks along country lanes,
English country lanes
Christmas markets to visit and shopping sprees in charming towns like Henley-on-Thames, my home.Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, England
and most special of all, time with those I love. I’ll keep you posted!!