We arrived in Copenhagen, Denmark, on a crisp afternoon. The sky heavy but bright, full of ‘prospective weather’, which at this time of year in Scandinavia meant more winter storms! It was the type of day that make your cheeks sting and rosy after just a few minutes but at the same time you feel refreshed and healthy as if cleansed by the biting cold air!
Grandiose buildings in a typical Scandinavian style, with lots of stories, speckled with small windows, painted in a myriad of warm shades mostly from a warm pallet of oranges, yellows and creams. One of these included one of Copenhagen’s most famous residents’s, Hans Christian Anderson.
Long, grand streets strung with bright white lights every so often opened up into impressive city squares.

Copenhagen city square
A canal boat tour enabled us to see some of Copenhagen’s splendid buildings. The old stock exchange and the Danish Parliament buildings.
Copenhagen's old stock exchange
Parliament buildings in Copenhagen, Denmark
A trip to Copenhagen had to include a visit to the Lego flagship store.
Copenhagen in Lego at the Lego flagship store, Copenhagen
Santa in Lego at Copenhagen's flagship Lego storeFresh flower stalls seemed to be on every corner. At this time of year they also offered beautiful spruce trees, wreaths, bunches of mistletoe and an assortment of Christmas greenery for the festive season. Bright bunches of berries, fat candles and a somewhat surprising offering of giant straw penguins, long necked geese and tulips! The air fragrant with burnt carmel and sugar from toasted almonds, hand roasted and tied up in prettily gathered paper bags and ribbons.
Tulips for sale in Copenhagen, Denmark, street flower stalls
Carol singers everywhere contributed to the atmosphere, Christmas so close you could almost touch it!
Danish carol singers in Copenhagen, Denmark
This festive, enticing table seemed to be common place outside Copenhagen’s many restaurants, tempting us in where we enjoyed Danish fare of delicious open sandwiches and grog!
A Danish welcome outside a restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark