There is something special about this time of year, a mystical wonder in the air, the anticipation of the season. Daylight fades much earlier, evenings are longer, there is a distinct chill at night and early mornings are fresh and crisp. Thoughts turn to Christmas preparations and in USA to Thanksgiving. It feels like people are shopping with a purpose for the upcoming festivities. Two nights ago we wandered around our small town of Danville whose shops had opened its doors in preparation for the season. Excited children rode on fairy tale carriages and had holiday photos taken with Santa. Tiny lights twinkled through the trees and Christmas music filled the air, the magic had begun, for this, my favourite time of year.

The evening light made everything so enchanting and shop windows looked just that bit more enticing.

Christmas window in Danville CA USA

It was easy to step across the threshold and become immersed in the season’s sparkle!

Here, in one of my favorite local stores, there lay an abundance of temptation for your home and gifts to spoil those you treasure.

China, glasses and linen to make your table that more festive as those you love gather around it

When we stepped back outside children were chattering excitedly as the clambered aboard the fairy tale pumpkin for a journey around the local streets.

Fairy tale pumpkin carriages
Two loyal and hardworking friends waited patiently

Fairy tale pumpkin carriage. Danville CA USA
Caught up in the atmosphere and ‘make believe’ it is almost possible to see frost and snow on the windows!

Christmas window Danville CA USA
Christmas is, after all, only a few weeks away
Christmas shopping in Danville CA

Danville, CA, USA, a Christmas shopping evening

Where will you be shopping this Christmas?

P.S. Lucky me, I am going to London this week!