‘Twas the weeks before Christmas Under resplendent palm trees, the shopping was complete, wrapped & ribboned, such exciting treats!

Greenery had been foraged, bows had been tied,
Christmas Wreath making supplies

the wreaths had been hung, fresh and alive!


Christmas mincemeat
Christmas elves had been hard at work; from their many chores they had not shirked.

The tree was trimmed, the was house ‘greened’,  the puddings stirred and now all steamed.
Delia’s mincemeat was carefully prepared, as sounds of choristers crept up the stairs.

I packed my bags to escape somewhere fun, needing a break before the festivities begun. 

Carmel was dressed in all things bright, holly, flowers and twinkling lights at night.

As we walked the beach, beautiful as ever, we could hardly believe the summer like weather, it was 78 degrees!
View back to Carmel Beach
The views were still stunning, like you’d expect them to be, as the waves rolled and crashed from deep in the sea.
The Carmel Highlands Inn View

We gasped and sighed at the beauty all around as we listened to birdsong high off the ground.

Not a sign of Saint Nick, no reindeers or sleigh but the magic in the air meant he was on his way………….
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