Have you ever wondered what is behind ‘that door’,  if you turned the door handle who you would find?And if you did, how many people the property enfolds, how old they are, what their lives involve, how the house is decorated, what stories the walls keep, whether there are any tell tale signs of the occupants, like a row of small children’s shoes as you walk in? I often think of these things, especially when I am somewhere where several generations have been ensconced.

I would love to be able to turn the door handle and walk back in time! These properties have doubtless seen significant changes of use, maybe from being an inn, to a shop, to a private home.
 A few hundred years ago, such tall, imposing,shuttered buildings maybe housed several families but now are the pride and joy of one bourgeoisie

Door handle in Uzès, Langudeoc Roussillon, France

 maybe it is even their 2nd home. Equally other dignified
 ‘grand dames of the street’ once belonging to a wealthy merchant or landowner have long since been divided into many tinier residences. Others have sadly fallen into decay, sheltering tenants or conversely they have been renovated into chic lofts and apartments or  possibly during their life time
have experienced all these changes in fortune. If only walls could talk!
The intrigue, the scandal, the sadness, the loss and the joy their secrets would reveal…  So many hand shaped door handles!

Put your hand on the door handle, close your eyes and push open the entry, who knows what you’ll find on the other side!