Verona’s Castlevecchio, captivates you as soon as you enter the city. It was originally a castle  ~ Castle of San Martino ~ and is now an incredible museum. It is home to a stunning collection of Christian art work dating from the Middle Ages until the beginning of the 18th century. The building itself is a ‘treasure’ to behold and is dominated by an enormous keep. It is situated next to the River Adige, across which one can still stroll, over the Pont Scaligero. The pont, with its three magnificient arches, like Castlevecchio itself, is a masterpiece of red brick work, not to be missed on a visit to this beautiful city, Verona.
The impressive drawbridge leads you into Castlevecchio’s entrance

Entrance to Castelvecchio, Verona Crosssing Drawbridge into Castelvecchio, Verona

History almost exploding before you in the entry way
In the entry to Castelvecchio, Verona, Italy

The Museum of  Castlevecchio
Museum of Castelvecchio, Verona, Italy

Some of the treasures in the downstairs Sculptor Gallery
Crucifixion, sculptors at Castelvecchio, Verona, Italy

The 2nd floor gallery
Gallery of Castelvecchio, Verona, Italy

The stunning restoration of some of Castlevecchio’s walls and a bell dating from 1081
1081 bell in Castelvecchio, Verona, Italy

Christian art work from local churches
14th century Madonna and child Castelvecchio, Verona

Too many incredible paintings to do justice to, dating from the 12th century through to this one in the early 18th century
17th century baby Jesus painting at Castelvecchio, Verona

Outside exploring the remparts of Castlevecchio
Ramparts of Castelvecchio, Verona

The 19th century clock from Castlevecchio’s ramparts
Clock tower of Castelvecchio, Verona

View of the Pont Scaligero from the ramparts. It was built around 1354 -1356, and in it’s time had the longest span in the world. The bridge was destroyed by the retreating Nazis in April 1945 but totally rebuilt in its original style by 1951.
View of Ponte Scaligero over Adige River from Castelvecchio's rampart's, Verona

View of Ponte Scaligero over Adige River by Castelvecchio, Verona
View of Ponte Scaligero over Adige River by Castelvecchio, Verona