If all you did whilst staying in Uzès, was to meander around the town,
explore its shops, sample its many restaurants,
and buy wine and cheese from the local markets,
you would have a wonderful week becoming part of the magical charm of Uzès.
But, there are some wonderful sites you should try to see too!


The Duchy, Duchy Square, 30700 Uzès  Tel: +33 (0) 4 66 22 18 96
Built on the site of the original Roman ‘Castrum’, (camp), ‘Le Duchy’ is where the family still reside.
Explore this splendid renaissance château,
and the ramparts of the 12th century Bermonde Tower
which offer magnificent views of Uzès and the countryside.
Visit the 800 year old cellars and beautiful furnished apartments of the present ducal family.
Hours: Every day except 25 December, From 1 Sept to 30 June: 10-12 am and 2-6 pm
July and August: 10-12.30 am and 2-6.30 pm
Admission: €7-18  One rate on a Saturday €10
Tours are available, check for times

Bermonde Tower by Chateau of Uzès


Rue du Portalet,  30700 Uzès  Tel: +33 (0)46 62 26 888

It is believed a place of worship has stood on this site since Roman times.
The cathedral dates from the Middle Ages, built next to the Bishop’s Palace,
the former seat of the Bishops of Uzès.
It has been destroyed and rebuilt several times, what we see today dates to the 19th century.
Prior to the French Revolution it would have been sumptuously decorated
but only the organ remains from these times.
Visitors today admire its quiet, simplicity.


Rue du Portalet,  30700 Uzès Tel:+33 (0)4 66 22 68 88

Uzès’ most famous landmark, adjacent to Saint-Théodorit Cathedral
Sometimes called the tower of windows,

it is the only campanile tower of Lombard style in France.

Dating from the eleventh century, surviving the many attempts to destroy it,
it remains Uzès’ most iconic site
The Fenestrelle Tower Uzes, Languedoc Roussillon, France


BP Hôtel de ville, Rue Port Royal, 30700 Uzès Tel:+33 (o)4 66 22 38 21
every day April 1st – November 1st
: 4.50 – €6.00 to include a visit to the towers
Originally part of the castle but then abandoned,
restored in to a captivating medieval garden in 1995.
It is also possible to visit the King and Bishop’s Towers from the garden
and enjoy stunning views over the city of Uzès.


400 Route du Pont du Gard, 30210 Vers-Pont-du-Gard
all year round
€18 for a car of 5 people,
includes parking and admission to the museum and film about the Pont du Gard.

Pont du Gard, World Unesco heritage Site near Uzes, France

A visit to this incredible World UNESCO heritage site should not be missed.
Just 6 miles from Uzès, towards Avignon,
for over 2000 years this incredible Roman aqueduct has spanned the River Gardon.
Built in 50AD as part of the Roman aqueduct of Nimes it was used until the 6th century.
A breathtaking marvel!


There are many great wineries to sample from.
Tastings are mostly free,
local vintners are more than happy to share their knowledge
and proudly show off their vintages.
We love Domaine de L’Aqueduc (next to Le Moulin d’Uzès)
Chemin Mas de France, 30700 Saint Maximin, Tel:+33 (0)4 66 37 41 84


As in much of southern Europe, where there are grapes growing
often there are olives too! Our favorite:
Le Moulin d’Uzès
Chemin du Mas de France, 30700 Saint-Maximin Tel:+33(0)4 66 01 62 39

also normally available in the Uzès’ market

Uzès Tourist Office

Chapelle des Capucins, Place Albert 1er, 30700 Uzès Tel:+33(0)4 66 22 68 88
Visit Uzès’ fabulous tourist office
for further information on your visit to this beautiful, bastide city

Download The Uzès, Travel Guide for Uzès and the surrounding regions of Languedoc Roussillon and Provence.