I told you last time about Lourmarin, but why should you go there too?
Quite simply, because it’s beautiful.
Twisting cobbled streets, limestone buildings the colour of honey,
faded shutters and clay tiled roof tops.
Chic boutiques, galleries, vibrant cafés and restaurants.
A fabulous Friday market,
linens, baskets, treasures from Provence.
A mystical 15th century château, lavish music concerts and soirées.
Local wineries, fairy tale perched villages of the surrounding Luberon.
The enchanting cities of Avignon and Aix-en-Provence less than an hour away.
The dazzling Mediterranean coast hardly any further.
But there’s another reason to visit Lourmarin….


I think the reason to visit Lourmarin is just ‘to be’.

Cobbled streets of Loumarin

To absorb the rich sense of a time long ago,
to listen to the clock chime every hour just as it has done for centuries.
To be able to step across well trodden cobbles and peep behind ancient doorways,
which, as they creak seem to whisper the secrets of the past to you.

Doorway to Lourmarin's oldest house, 1573, Luberon, Provence

To spend long, lazy days under cornflower blue skies,
in lavender perfumed air filled with the sounds of chattering of crickets.

Lavender near Loumarin, Luberon, Vaucluse, Provence

To become immersed in a place where your drive to the grocery store is along avenues of plane trees
which reach out to kiss each other as you meander through the sprawling vineyards
and olive groves, passing heart stopping views.

Lourmarin view across the fields, Luberon, Provence

To be in a region which is utterly intoxicating, a place of artists and authors,
a place to dream about and yearn for when you are far away,
a place which once you have visited you will always want to return.
If you’ve never been to Lourmarin maybe you should
and if you have, don’t you agree?
Download the printable The Lourmarin Travel Guide and the surrounding area of The Luberon.