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The clay tile roof by Carmel Mission, Carmel, California, USA
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Carmel, California, another one of my special places!

When I wrote my first thoughts about living in Lourmarin, in Provence, France, I asked: ‘when do you know that you are somewhere special and what makes a place special?’ Of course the answer is different for all of us. …

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Mansion in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA
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West Palm Beach, Florida

Driving around this beautiful area of West Palm Beach, one is immediately aware that ‘old money’ exists here. Stunning, mansion style properties close to, or on the Ocean. Everything immaculately groomed, in way that  only Americans are capable of! 4, 5, …

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Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida, USA
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Florida: “We’re not in Kansas anymore!”

The road sign in Calais, France directed us to ‘Tunnel sous La Manche’ ~ The Channel Tunnel and then after a few special days in England and a trans-Atlantic plane ride we are a continent away. Work commitments have taken us …

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Bruges, Belgium by the canal

Chocolate, beer and lace from Bruges, Belgium

Belgium is world famous for its chocolates, beer and lace. It seems a strange combination of products and the history of each is fascinating. Belgian beer production is probably the oldest of the three, beer has been brewed and drunk …

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Le Crot Foulot, Chalone-sur Saone, Burgandy, France

A night stop in Burgandy: Le Crot Foulot, Chambres d’Hôtes de Charme.

Le Crot Foulot; only a three and a half hour drive from Provence, (an hour north of Lyons) in the small village of Jugy in the Burgandy region of France, our first night stop on route back to England. My …

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Market day in Lourmarin, Lourmarin, Provence, France
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The Lourmarin Market

One of the things I love about Provence are their wonderful weekly markets, Lourmarin’s is exceptional. Even though I rarely missed a weekly stroll, each time there were new things that captured my attention, filling my basket with fresh aromas …

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Shopping and dining in Lumrarin, Inside the Lourmarin boulangerie
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Where we shopped and dined in Lourmarin

A village or small town such as Lourmarin, is made up of a community of people living and working together just like any other town or city. So many of our visitors fell in love with Lourmarin but also repeatedly …

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