Every year on July 4th, thousands of Americans across this great continent adorn their homes in the stars and stripes, don their red, white and blue, attend local parades, and light up their BBQ’s to celebrate America’s independence from us, the Brits!!! Incredibly, 239 years later, we are each other’s greatest friends and international allies and have been for decades. As Brits living in this amazing country we have always been warmly welcomed and have found life long friendships with the truly special people who have become part of our life here. Each year we have been moved by the patriotism and pride, resonating from every street corner, when the locals pulls out all the stops to celebrate their beloved country, during our little town of Danville’s wonderful 4th July Parade.

The Stars and Stripes outside Pete’s Brass Rail, Danville, California
The Stars and Stripes on July 4th outside Pete's Brass Rail, Danville, CA
An truck decked out for July 4th as can only happen in the ‘good ole U.S. of A!

Truck decked out in the 'Stars and Stripes' on July 4th
Every shop, restaurant and business premise dressed for the occasion!
Danville Shop decorated for July 4th
All the way from Michigan, home of The Ford Motor Company!
Truck from The Ford Motor Company!
Proud to be an American!!
Proud to be an American at the Danville 4th of July Parade
Wild life of the West!
Wildlife of the West at the Danville 4th of July Parade
The brown bear, the mighty symbol of California!
The brown bear, the mighty symbol of California!
Danville, California 4th of July Parade
Enjoying the BBQ during the parade!
Enjoying the 4th of July BBQ during the parade!
On our way home our neighbor’s home – the oldest house in town – built in 1860’s by Robert Love !!
The Love House, oldest home in Danville California
July 4th BBQ!
July 4th BBQ
God Bless America!!