How does one feel on your only daughter’s Wedding Day? It was hard not to be consumed with sentiment. Difficult not to think about my baby girl whose new born fingers had curled around mine; remembering the feel of her small hand trustingly holding mine as she took her first hesitant steps; that same little hand which timidly waved back at me when I left her on her first day of school; that hand which I have held through her joy, her pain, her laughter and her tears as she slowly blossomed to one day, this day, still holding my hand, she stood by her Daddy, adorned in white lace and silk looking more beautiful than words can define.

The Bride & her father before the ceremony
Just like all the other milestones in her life, on this day, her Wedding day, we were by her side, checking the final details.
Checking the final details before the Wedding
I took her hand, one last time to entrust it to someone else’s loving care. He was waiting for her with his fabulous team!
The Groom and his groomsmen
As she was with hers.
The bride with her bridesmaids
Part of my heart was breaking for those years long flown; which at times part of me would love to step back into. I stood looking at this incredible young woman, my daughter, happiness radiating from her eyes and felt so blessed.
The bride and her mother before the ceremony
Moments later I was beneath the towering arches of San Francisco’s stunning Grace Cathedral waiting,
The arches of San Francisco's Grace Cathedral
as the world became consumed with the organ’s music. Our daughter, that dear hand linked through her Daddy’s arm, as he guided her down the aisle
Father and bride processional at Grace Cathedral San Francisco
and the journey of life continued.
Wedding processional, down the aisle at Grace Cathedral
I wasn’t quite sure how it was possible that the time had slipped by so fast  but a peaceful joy descended over me as our little girl stepped away from one set of loving arms into anothers’.
Wedding vows at San Francisco's Grace Cathedral
As the same promises that we’d made were made again my hand was lovingly taken and I remembered being a bride standing before another alter and somehow I knew all would be well for my little girl, just as it had been for me.
Married for 10 minutes
As this newly married couple looked at each other, supported by their dearest friends
Bridal Party outside Grace Cathedral, San Francisco
their story had just begun.

Our little girl was married and all those details, which we had contemplated for months, bombarded with social media sites effervescing the very many ways you can tie a ribbon and make a posy; they all made their own contribution to make the day magical.

The Wedding bouquets
Wedding bouquets
The Wedding cake
Wedding cake
The Wedding car
The Wedding car
The carefully discussed beauty decisions,
Getting ready for a Wedding Fairmont Hotel San Francisco
supported by all those special girls.
Bride with her bridesmaids
The iconic Fairmont Hotel’s Crown Room which was room was just as we’d imagined
Wedding reception in the Crown Room. Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco
and thanks to our wonderful, florist Nancy Liu Chin, the flowers were quiet breathtaking.
Wedding flowers Nancy Lui Chin
Every detail, so long contemplated,
Wedding details
contributed to make it special.
The Sweetheart table
A joyous celebration.
Bride and Groom in the grounds of San Francisco's Fairmont Hotel
A day surrounded by love, from the people who mean the most and most especially from two special young people, the bride and groom.
Bride and Groom in the Crown Room, Fairmont Hotel, Sa Francisco
Their love radiated and sparkled
First Dance
sprinkling itself like confetti petals, as we looked on at tender moments
Father and daughter dance
our hearts stirred
A Wedding
isn’t that what a Wedding is about? And as the San Francisco skyline twinkled its magic
San Francisco at night from the Fairmont Hotel's Crown Room, San Francisco
our guests all celebrated in the same place, where years ago Tony Bennett had first sung ‘I left my heart in San Francisco’……
Wedding Dancing, San Francisco the Fairmont Hotel's Crown Room, San Francisco
I hadn’t shared our Wedding story, thinking that perhaps it too personal for my musings on Shutters and Sunflowers but so many of you touchingly had asked me where it was, so here it is with all my love to Kate and Dan. What’s the most important part of a Wedding, quite simply love, forever and always……………….
Kate and Dan's Wedding, June 6 2015