London, biased as I might be, is my favourite city in the world! The sense of history, the museums, Harrods, red London buses, London taxis, the royal family, Covent Garden, the City, the West End, Borough Market, St Pauls, Big Ben, Westminster, Buckingham Palace, The Thames, the list is endless and I love it all!

The Natural History Museum, London, December 2012
Harrods, Knightsbridge, London at ChristmasCheery London taxi drivers, who greet you with an aimable “Where to Gov, ‘aving a good time are we?” as you and your family pile in, dripping wet. Closing the door on the miserable weather, grateful to escape the puddles and crowds, your heart is warmed by this local who expertly zips through the endless traffic  proud to show you his ‘Knowledge’! (the name of the test all London taxi drivers have to pass before they can drive Capital’s famous black cabs.)

Admiralty Arch, The Mall, London, England, Christmas 2012
Big Ben, Westminster, London, England
Covent Garden market at Christmas was a spectacle. Welcomed by a giant reindeer, who must have been Rudolf, sporting such a brilliant red nose, sparkling decorations, street performers filling the air with Christmas tunes, handcrafted goodies in the Apple Market, shops bustling with people clutching their purchases, excited chattering smiling faces…. a happy place to be.

Covent Garden Market, London, Christmas 2012
London West End theatre to see the musical version of ‘A Christmas Carol’, our family’s favourite Christmas story  ~ Scrooge, where better to escape into a beloved Victorian Dicken’s tale than London? We were of course not disappointed, beautifully staged and choreographed, heart warming theatre at its

Scrooge at the Palladium Theatre, London, England
Driving home we were treated the London’s Christmas lights through the rainy cab window, still a spectacle despite the drips! A wonderful magical day in this our capital city, proud to be British and happy to have been here just before Christmas…..

Liberty's of London, Christmas lights, December 2012
London's Christmas lights at St James' December 2012
London's Christmas lights Oxford Street, December 2012