Yesterday, I was explaining that I wouldn’t be available next week as I was about to go on a trip,
and before I had time to really think, I’d said
 “I’m so sorry but I won’t be here, I’m going home.”

They say ‘home’ is where you make it, wherever your heart is,
for me, what a conundrum that is.

Obviously my home, where I love and feel so fortunate to to be living
is by the beautiful ‘City by the Bay’,
San Francisco, the City by the Bay
in California.
The Lone Cypress, 17 Mile Drive, Carmel, California
Ski Slopes of North Lake Tahoe, Californiawith my wonderful husband and precious children.
However ‘home’ will always be England, the place of my birth, the place I am from.

Then there’s also that other part of the world where a little piece of me is waiting,
on a meandering, cobbled street,
A medieval street in Lourmarin, Provence

below a line of tightly fastened shutters, 
A medieval street, Provence, France
where sunflowers raise their heads to smile at violet, blue skies, 

Sunflowers of Provence

and the air is perfumed with lavender.
Lavender of Provence

Today in just a few hours I leave again to go home 
Flying home to England on Virgin Atlantic
and then at the end of the week to return to that place full of shutters and sunflowers.
A street in Uzes, near Provence France
Even though in February the icy breath of the Mistral will chill the air,
Street scene in Lourmarin, Provence

and there might be snow
Lourmarin, Provence in the snow
and the fields where sunflowers and lavender bloom will be ploughed brown
ploughed lavender fields of Provence
How fortunate am I to be able to travel, to live ‘my journey’,
making my home in such a beautiful part of the world
Mt Diablo, Danville, California
and at the same time be able to return to England so often
that the place and all whom I love there remain such a real part of my life. An English country cottage

And then there is Lourmarin and the view from my bedroom window,
its ancient, golden clay tiled roofs that remain imprinted on my heart forever.View of Lourmarin, Luberon, Provence from a bedroom window
Maybe you are someone who lives somewhere else far from ‘home’,
let me know, I actually think we are very lucky!!