Singapore, a sophisticated, dazzling metropolis in South East Asia; a cultural melting pot nestled at the tip of Malaysia. Its’ strategic position makes it one of the world’s busiest and most successful ports. Singapore’s location, thriving economy and wealth has attracted many international corporations to choose it as their Asia Pacific base. Consequently Singapore is a chic and dynamic blend of cultures and customs. There is much evidence of it’s rich and vibrant history from the days when Sir Thomas Raffles made it a British Protectorate on February 6th 1819 to the dark period during World War II when it was occupied by the Japanese, to its full independence in 1965. The story of Singapore is fascinating and compelling and its rapid emergence as a world class player in a highly competitive, ever changing global 21st century market place, quite remarkable.

Singapore, modern and gleaming with its sleek skyscrapers
Skyscrapers in Singapore at Marina Bay
A place of contrasting areas ~ the more humble streets of Little India, brightly bedecked in late October for the annual Festival of Diwali.
Little India, Singapore at Diwali Festival
The stunning 21st architecture of the Marina Bay Sands Resort
Marina Bay Sands Resort Singapore
The ‘flower’ of the Arts and Science Museum
The Arts and Science Museum Singapore
Contrasting with its Colonial past of The Raffles Hotel, named after Sir Thomas Raffles ~ ‘the Father of Singapore’
Raffles Hotel Singapore
The 19th century Bridge over the Singapore River
Colonial Bridge over the Singapore River
Singapore’s prestigious symbol, the Merlion, its name combining the ‘mer’ – the sea, when Singapore was a fishing village known as Temasek and the lion representing Singapore’s original name Singapura, ~ the lion city.

The Merlion, Singapore, the symbol of Singapore
The original quay, Clarke Quay, now dwarfed by its glistening neighbours as river cruises amble by packed with curious tourists.
Boat cruise on Singapore River
City scapes are left behind in the tranquil beauty of the Singapore Botanical Gardens.
Fountain in Singapore Botanical Gardens

Like any city there are many choices to dine, from beautifully prepared Thai food at the sumptious Jim Thompson in Dempsey Village
The Jim Thomspson Thai Restaurant, Singapore
to equally delicious food at Komala Vilas in Little India.
Little India's famous Komala Vilas, Little India, Singapore
Lunch at Little India's famous Komala Vilas, Singapore
The weather in Singapore can change in a moment as a sudden monsoon like deluge engulfs the city in heavy tropical rain, an almost daily event.
Singapore's sleek skycrapers
before and after a storm!
Singapore in a storm

Singapore, a place of contrasts in architecture, culture, customs, dinind and weather ~ a place not to be missed!