Every spring, for the last thirty years, San Francisco’s de Young museum hosts a stunning event called Bouquets to Art. It is a visual spectacle, talented florists from all over the Bay Area interpret the museum’s pieces of art in fresh flowers. Paint brushes and clay are replaced with twigs, leaves, newly formed buds and freshly blooming petals, delicately woven together by talented floral illustrators.
Before you even enter the de Young, you have been held captive by the beauty of its surroundings in Golden Gate Park, especially in springtime, when the air is fragrant with blossoms and narcissi, recently unfurled leaves bring the expectancy of new life and fresh beginnings.

Blossoms in Golden Gate Park
Spring shadows in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco
The de Young might wear the mantle of a modern, cold and rather imposing structure but behind its somewhat intimidating facade is hidden a superb collector’s treasure.
The De Young Museum, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

As soon as you enter you become enfolded in its embrace and there are flowers everywhere. In the foyer:
Bouquets to Art, Daffodils, de Young Museum, San Francisco
Suspended from the ceiling in a twirling myriad of color:
Ceiling display in entry, Bouquets to Art, de Young Museum, San Francisco
By the reception
Bouquets of Art, seasons
‘A particular kind of heaven’
Bouquets of Art, heaven
Glimpses of a National Park
Bouquets of Art, scenic view
An abstract profusion of color.
Bouquets of Art, modern abstract
The Portrait
Bouquets of Art, portrait
Bouquets of Art, abstract
Bouquets to art, Modern
Bouquets to Art, Native American
Bouquets to Art, Native American
The Warrior
Bouquets to Art, warrior

A winter scene
Bouquets to Art, winter
Bouquets to Art, rainbow
Bouquets to Art, rainbow
A bust
Bouquets of Art, bust
in flowers
Bouquets to Art, bust in flowers

Bouquets to Art, a view
Bouquets to Art, a view
The amazing work of Manhattan based event designer, David Stark
Bouquets to Art, David Stark floral arrangement

It was a day filled with beauty and incredible talent.  It was as if a circle was being completed, with nature interpreting the art which had inspired its original creation, inspirational and exquisite, a day to treasure and revisit next Spring. Thank you to my dear friend Anne, who clearly know what stirs my soul!

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