Snow in Lourmarin, Provence, what could encapsulate the atmosphere of the season more than snow?

December snow settling in Lourmarin, Provence, France
As I watched great cotton wool flakes settle on the clay tiled roofs around me I couldn’t wait to see how this icing sugar dusting would transform everything into a winter wonderland.
The view of Lourmarin, Provence, France in December snow
Bundled up I hurried outside, blinking as soft flakes fell on my eye lashes. Everywhere was hushed and silent few people had braved the cold, they were missing a treat!
December snow in Lourmarin, Provence, France
Strolling back from the Chateau the lamp posts reminded me of  Mr Tumnus’ and Lucy’s lamp post, from the treasured children’s story ‘The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe’
Snow on the lamp posts, like Mr Tumnus' in 'The Lion the witch and the wardrobe' in Lourmarin Provence!
The next morning dawned bright and sunny, the view from my bedroom window, a white candyfloss of the previous afternoon’s snowfall, Christmas was just around the corner.
December snow on the roof tops in Lourmarin, Provence, France

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