For me, in in my sometimes confused, Anglo-Provencal-Californian life, I know that where you live is not really the point on Father’s Day, remembering your father and celebrating him is what this day is about.
Where ever I am, on any day, not just Father day, I am always accompanied by thoughts of my dearest Daddy. I ponder about what he would say and think, how he would enjoy a particular something and always how I wish he was still with me. Forgive me if I sound sentimental, I ‘lost’ my father fourteen years ago, yet in truth he is and always will be with me. I know I am very fortunate to feel this way and it is because of the person my father was that I do.
Daddy gave me a perspective and passion for living that has shaped my life. He taught me to always try to be humble, to not be judgmental, to treat others as I would like to be treated and to try to live a life of graciousness. Growing up he told me two very important things; to live you life as if your cup’s half full and to remember it is not a dress rehearsal. Simply put, but not always simply done….His example and counsel is probably why I have chosen the path I have, having the courage to make the choices I have, taking advantage of following my dreams, of living.
Currently as I spend the next few weeks in Carmel I remember the happy times we spent here together in a place he adored. His last words to me when he knew I was really struggling about moving back to California were ‘Go, find me on the beach.’ I knew which beach he meant.
My Father, as proud to be English as he was, loved America, he always called it ‘God’s Country’. He cherished fond memories of the American soldiers who were billeted close to his house when he was a young boy during World War II. He seemed to identify with their joie de vivre, their optimism, their spirit. He proudly bought their flag and when he died he asked for the Battle Hymn of the American Republic to be played at his funeral.
American Flag
My Daddy was a man of many varied passions and what he cared about ran deep; England, America, Michelangelo, Winston Churchill, Jonny Cash, elephants, his antiques, his cars,
Daddy's E Type Jaguar
golf, good food and wine but most of all people, especially his family. He loved nothing more than to have those he loved gathered round him and creating a party with music dancing and laughter. One of twelve children, he seemed to know how to make a room sparkle.
I am so blessed to have had this man I write about to be my father, who lives on in my heart and in my son James, who reminds me of his Grandpa so very much. Happy Father’s Day to father’s everywhere and I hope you have enriched your children’s lives as much as my Daddy has mine.