Uzès, the charming town where I was fortunate enough to spend 4 treasured months in 2012. This vibrant, Duché d’Uzès, the oldest remaining Duchy in France, dating from 1572, steeped in a rich history, was as special as I had remembered it. I felt very nostalgic returning there but also very blessed to have been able to call this small treasure of Languedoc Rousillon ‘my home’, even if just for a moment in time.

 The Wednesday produce market bustled for a mid February day with much to tempt us, including wine and preserves from the local nuns, still blessing us with the hand-made fruits of their labours!
Place aux Herbes, Uzes, local wine and preserves at Wednesday market

As we strolled the worn, cobbled streets, below the magnificent, golden arches surrounding Uzès’ Place aux Herbes, none of it had lost its appeal, its warmth or vibrancy, my memories had not deceived me! Trodden by visitors and locals for centuries and hopefully to be preserved and remain unchanged for centuries to come.
The arches of Place aux Herbes, Uzes,in February
The street we had lived on stirred great emotion.
Le Grande Bourgade,Uzes, the street where we lived
And ‘our’ pretty little house ‘Masion Sept’, where I so longed to be able to turn the door handle but was no longer entitled to. A reminder of how life is a constantly changing rhythm of kaleidoscope moments. Even when something truly belongs to us, nothing stays the same forever, time like a seamstress, specialises in altering and mending. Doors open and close, seasons change, life evolves and it is up to each of us to choose which openings to walk through, which paths to tread, which perspectives and attitudes to embrace, no matter what is thrown at our feet and who to include on our journey with us.
Maison Sept, Uzes, Languedoc Rousillon, France
The country lane I used to hurry along on my morning walks
Country walk in Uzes, Languedoc Rousillon, France
Just below the beautiful famous landmark of Uzès, La Tour Fenestrelle, and cathedral
Church and tower is Uzes, Languedoc Rousillon, France
Final images of Uzès, to imprint on my mind and add to my already overflowing collection of reminicsences.
View in Uzes, Languedoc Rousillon, France

A street in Uzes, Languedoc Rousillon,

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