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Gingerbreads in Copenhagen's glass market

Culinary, sensory delights at Copenhagen’s glass market

Copenhagen’s beautiful glass market; everything and more that you could possibly expect to tempt the taste buds, in fact all the senses at Christmas. The presentation beautiful and quite outstanding. Follow Shutters & Sunflowers

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Christmas market stall in Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen, Denmark

The Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen, at Christmas

The beautiful Tivoli Gardens in central Copenhagen are transformed into a Christmas spectacle each December. Tivoli, Copenhagen’s famous 21-acre park amusement park and pleasure garden opened in 1843. It is the second oldest amusement park and second most popular theme park in the world. Beautifully …

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Rosenborg Castle, Copenhagen, Denmark

The splendid Rosenborg Castle in central Copenhagen, no longer a royal residence, is home to some other royal treasures, the Danish Crown Jewels. The stunningly beautiful royal jewels are still used and worn today by the Danish royal family on state occasions. Rosenborg Castle …

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Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark by the canal

The Streets of Copenhagen just before Christmas!

We arrived in Copenhagen, Denmark, on a crisp afternoon. The sky heavy but bright, full of ‘prospective weather’, which at this time of year in Scandinavia meant more winter storms! It was the type of day that make your cheeks …

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Renault Clio driving through France

Driving through to France to England

As you leave the vineyards and olive groves behind, speeding northwards, driving through to France, the countryside gradually begins to change. Golden, clay tiles roofs are replaced with slate, church spires seem thinner, reaching higher, the trees and plants become more …

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Nice, France
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Nice, capital of the Côte d’Azur

Nice, the capital of the Côte d’Azur, vibrant and exciting with its splendid shopping streets, famous beachfront Promenade d’ Anglais, its charming old town and stunning flower market.  The ancient history of Nice dates back to the Greeks, 350 BC, …

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