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Celebrating four years of Shutters and Sunflowers!

It’s been four years since I started writing, Shutters and Sunflowers, when I was sharing my life in Provence. I’m still writing, mostly about travel and you’re still reading, thank you, but behind the scenes ‘blogging’ has evolved greatly. Every …

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View of Lake Tahoe from the top of Northstar, skiing in California, USA
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Skiing… but is it always fun?!

Skiing what’s not to love?, The fresh pine scented air, trees kissed with soft, white icing sugar powder. Breathtaking mountain vistas above the clouds, which literally make your heart stop. The mystical silence as you glide effortlessly down a snow …

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Celebrating Christmas, where ever you may be

Christmas is about who we are with. Celebrating together with the traditions that have become woven into our families’ celebrations. Do you, like me, think of the enchanted Christmases of your childhood, pondering upon an a world wrapped in a …

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The table at the Wedding Shower
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A special occasion – the Bridal Shower

I love to entertain, it makes me happy and gives me such pleasure; preparing delicious food, choosing interesting wine, filling my house with flowers, setting a pretty table and creating an ambience with music, soft lighting and twinkling candles. I …

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A view of Westminster from the Embankment, London, England
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Three different worlds on three different Saturdays!

We all know how a plane journey can transport us to a different world in a matter of hours. I have spent the last three Saturdays, just three weeks apart, in three completely different places thanks to the miracle of flight. From …

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The almshouses and church at Ewelme, Oxfordshire, England
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The miracle of a plane journey

We all know intellectually that a ten hour flight transports you to another world, yet no matter how many times you might make such a journey it never fails to surprise and amaze just how different that ‘other place’ is! …

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