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Danville's 4th of July Parade, Danville, California, USA
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Celebrating July 4th 2015

Every year on July 4th, thousands of Americans across this great continent adorn their homes in the stars and stripes, don their red, white and blue, attend local parades, and light up their BBQ’s to celebrate America’s independence from us, the …

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The foot of General Sherman in Sequoia National ParK, California, USA
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Sequoia National Park – ‘Take only memories leave only footprints’

A visit to any one of the spectacular outdoor museums, which are America’s breathtaking National Parks, always fills me with wonder. The grandeur and magnificence of nature laid out before you to stare and marvel at. Our recent trip to …

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San Francisco's Ferry Building at Christmas
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Happy Christmas from San Francisco

As you read this just after Christmas, I hope you have been sprinkled with the magic and wonder of the season, surrounded by those you love and the joy of giving and receiving. People all across the globe, have celebrated this …

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Christmas shopping at Prescence gift shop in Danville
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Christmas Shopping in Danville

There is something special about this time of year, a mystical wonder in the air, the anticipation of the season. Daylight fades much earlier, evenings are longer, there is a distinct chill at night and early mornings are fresh and …

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Vineyards by the pond at Cornerstone, Sonoma Valley, California
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Autumn, amongst the vines of Sonoma Valley

Sonoma County, California on a late October afternoon. Rows upon rows of golden, burnt umber vines stretching along the valley and over the hillsides. Overhead, a deep, sapphire sky, kissed every so often with small puffs of cotton wool clouds. …

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Muir Woods ~The best things in life are all around us

Meandering amongst the trees, staring up in wonder at the daylight peeking through the branches, rays of sunshine streaming down the towering trunks of the redwood trees in the Muir Woods 10 minutes drive north of San Francisco, one can …

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Palm Trees at The Ritz Carlton, Dana Point, California, USA
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California dreamin’

The 350 miles, which separates San Francisco and the Bay Area from Los Angeles and the beaches of southern California, stretches like a flattened snake skin, slithering its way silently down the valley. The accompanying ribbon of traffic twists and …

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Napa Vineyards & spring California Poppies, Napa Valley, California. USA
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Spring flowers and blossoms among the Napa Valley vines

Every year at this time the air smells just that bit fresher, newly unfurled leaves seem greener than you recall, the daffodils are just that bit more dazzling, their trumpets bobbing up and down in the breeze as if announcing …

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